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We are visionaries, because we have to be. At Concorde we apply our creativity with the latest and best practices to take real estate from raw land all the way to a high-quality finished product.



Our team, along with our trade and consultant partners understand the process from beginning to end so we complete our projects on time and on budget.

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Property Management

Concorde is a fully integrated real-estate company. Our experienced team delivers proactive and caring service so that our tenants always have a sense of confidence and security.


#ConcordeGivesBack: At Concorde we are committed to helping communities. We not only take pride in connecting with our local communities, but we enjoy it.


Founded in Ottawa and growing throughout the National Capital Region, Concorde strives to maintain and preserve Ottawa's character while adding a sense of diversity.

Our Goal

We believe in forging long lasting relationships to create positive changes to communities in all that we do.